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With its next generation cryptocurrency, Victorieum Token, the platform aims to outrun the present day crypto-market limits. Victorieum platform’s high-level architecture makes sure that speed and stability are always at priority. We are revolutionizing the centralized finance market with the amazing blockchain technology.

Victorium token is just the first step towards the grand roadmap of crypto-economy. As the platform advances, state-of-the-art financial tools for crypto-payments, exchanges, banking, and financial services will be available for its customers.

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To us, Customer comes first!

Victorieum assures its customers with unmatched performance, security, features, and extremely low transaction fee. Our platform has been built intuitively keeping in mind the end user. Performance and value delivery form our key focus areas.

Victorieum platform is based on blockchain technology that translates into a Trust-based Fraud-resistant architecture. The design is such as to offer maximum convenience to the users along with lightning-fast speeds. Victorieum is a fully licensed crypto-bank and exchange, offering Low-to-zero fees to its customers worldwide.

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Discover crypto-financing & Banking, the economy of the future. Watch the following video now!

Our Bank cards

Victorieum is proud to offer the following free bank card
Silver , Gold , Platinum depending on how many tokens the users hold.

  • Number of tokens required to obtain the status: 10000 VTM
  • 15% discount for: Exchange and Money Transfer
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Fees for Interbank
  • Transfers - 0,5% CashBack, +0,5% Time Deposit
  • Number of tokens required to obtain the status: 100000 VTM
  • 30% discount for: Exchange and Money Transfer
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Fees for Interbank
  • Transfers - 1% CashBack, +1,2% Time Deposit
  • Number of tokens required to obtain the status: 200000 VTM
  • 50% discount for: Exchange and Money Transfer
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Fees for Interbank
  • Transfers - 1,5% CashBack, +1,5% Time Deposit

Our Core Services

Issuing of own deposit products
Current Account to Corporate and Individual clients
Saving accounts
Fixed term deposit accounts
Set-up of mutual fund
Checking Accounts
Fixed term
Issuing Credit Cards through Mastercard / VISA Principal Members
Issuing of Bank References and Certificates of Good Standings
Daily liquidity accounts
Multi Currency Accounts
Asset Management like products
Currency exchange
Investment Consultancy Services
Insurance Brokerage
Financial Engineering

(Private Banking and Wealth Management in combined product solutions)

Victorieum exchange
Victorieum passive income program

Our ICO Roadmap

Victorieum is bound to grow along the following pathway. Checkout our Project Roadmap.

Our Wallet Application

Victorieum’s Digital Wallet app will ensure hassle-free crypto transactions for the users. Pay, receive and store any digital coin!

Powerful Mobile and Online App

You can access your digital Victorieum wallet via our seamless App through mobile device or a computer. Install the app on your smartphone or just access it online via the cloud network.

Transparency & Speed

Crypto traders and investors can now use digital currency with ease without worries. Victorieum’s ultra-secure design and outrunning performance ensures that users get an unmatched experience.


Victorieum is not just ‘another’ crypto platform. It is a versatile tool for trading, investing, exchanging, and banking crypto assets, combined with end-to-end financial services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to general queries related to ICOs and Project Victorieum.

What are the objectives of this token?

Victorieum Token is the official cryptocurrency of the Victorieum Platform. The platform aims to provide full banking and financial services to the crypto-market through its offshore bank, Mobile app, and Web Platform. Following are the prime objectives of Victorieum Token;

  • It is a non-fiat currency that can be invested and traded against other fiat and non-fiat currencies.
  • Swift international payments and crypto-transactions via MT103 technology.
  • Usage of the token fuels growth of the Victorieum platform.
  • Can be used at Victorieum Crypto-Exchange.
  • Can be used for availing crypto-backed loans.

What is Token Sale and pre-sale?

Token Sale is a campaign whereby investors can invest in a new cryptocurrency. In our case, the currency will be Victorieum Token. We will build a Smart Contract, and generate tokens with a limited supply. During the campaign, early investors can buy tokens at a fixed bonus and discount. As the campaign progresses, you can still buy the Victorieum tokens, but with gradually decreasing discount rate.

Pre-sale FAQ Questions

Get answers to the queries related to token pre-sales here!

What is pre Sale

Pre Sale of the tokens simply means the crypto-tokens available for sale before the actual ICO campaign launch. Pre-sales of Victorieum tokens will run for a limited time with special discount rates and bonuses for the early adopters.

When does the Pre-sales start?

On 20th of October 2018

How may I take part in the Pre-sale?

Upon the declaration of Pre-sale ICO date, you can buy Victorieum Coins via this website easily.

Our ICO Distribution

Following is the depiction of Victorieum Tokens allocation/distribution.

ICO Funds Distributions

50% Obtaining banking licenses and maintaining the bank liquidity
20% Development and Integration of lending Platform and maintaining liquidity
10% Develop the exchange with latest technology and Security
10% Marketing and development of financial services
10% Investment portfolio in blockchain technology and financial products.

Our Token Allocation

The total supply of the tokens will be 1 Billion.

Token Allocation

Tokens in total 1 billion

Token Sale Price Bonus
Presale : 100 million 1 Cent Per Token 40%
Stage 1 : 100 million 6 Cent Per Token 35%
Stage 2 : 100 million 6 Cent Per Token 30%
Stage 3 : 100 million 6 Cent Per Token 25%
Stage 4 : 100 million 6 Cent Per Token 20%
Stage 5 : 100 million 6 Cent Per Token 15%

Passive Income Program

Four passive investment program to be offered up to 30% from banking,exchange net profit :

1. Lock your token for three months and receive 15% monthly from net profit.
2. Lock your token for six months and receive 20% monthly from net profit.
3. Lock your token for nine months and receive 25% monthly from net profit.
4. Lock your token for twelve months and receive 30% monthly from net profit.

Major Press Releases

Our Team

Hello from the Victorieum Team Members;

Meshal Alenezi

CEO & Founder

Pavel Kazimirenko

IT Manager

Denis Sergeev

Manager of Exchange Development

Anton Polevich

Marketing MANAGER

Maksim Halinouski

Project Technical Manager

Saket Singh


Saurabh Taneja

Sr. Technical Consultant

Sumit Nautiyal

Sales Manager

Ankit Garg

Sr. Blockchain Developer

Rahul bansal

Sr. Frontend Developer

Antoun Toubia

Financial Advisor

Maroun Mourani

Sales & Marketing Advisor

Yaser Ali Mohra

Block chain advisor

Miikka Saloseutu

Block chain advisor

Paresh Masani

Blockchain & Security Expert

Naviin Kapoor

Banking & Blockchain advisor

Faisal Shehzad khan

Banking & Blockchain Advisor

Giovanni Casagrande

Advisor & Growth hacker

Giacomo Arcaro